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This is the brand-new Bugatti Chiron (sofa)

Bugatti has turned its hand to furniture-making

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Almost all luxury car manufacturers now have some form of lifestyle offshoot. It’s a smart business model. Build a brand that offers luxury cars to aspirational people, then start selling slightly cheaper items that those same people can buy whilst saving up.

Or just sell random tat to people who want to show-off that they own a 1,000bhp hypercar.

Not that we’d describe the new Bugatti Home Collection as tat. In fact, as far as car maker offshoots go, its furniture is actually rather tasteful.

We do slightly take issue with the fact that Bugatti has used the Chiron name and applied it to its sofa. Especially as it looks like something you could pick up at DFS but with a branded cushion resting against it.

The collection also includes a bed, a multitude of different armchairs, a modernist coffee table and a chaise longue-type recliner. Essentially all the furniture you’ll ever need.

One item we can certainly get behind is the ‘Cobra’ limited edition chair – the original design for which was penned in 1902 by Carlo Bugatti. Carlo was the father of company founder Ettore and plied his trade as an interior designer. We’re not sure Carlo’s piece was crafted from carbon fibre, but this one (in full 110 Ans Bugatti spec) looks pretty fetching.

There’s no word on prices for any of the pieces just yet, but given the logo which is stamped on each piece you can safely assume they’ll be slightly more exclusive than anything from Ikea. Thoughts people?

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