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Yesterday, Nissan unveiled its new London taxi, a NV200 with a hideous face apparently aping that of the traditional black cab.

It’s fair to say a few of you were a little unimpressed. In fact, it’s fair to say almost all of you were very unimpressed. Ragingly, steamingly unimpressed.

“This is clearly an insult to the British people!” railed one correspondent. “We will not stand for this!” ranted another. “Get internets modernise the look of the original thing!” demanded a commenter, too enraged to engage syntax or grammar.

So that’s exactly what we want you to do, internets: modernise the look of the original thing. We want you to design the London taxi of the future: one better than Nissan’s frankly shonky efforts.

The rules are… well, there are no rules. We guess your taxi should be able to (a) fit at least a fare-paying human or two, and (b) feature a yellow light to indicate its availability, but beyond that, the hackney carriage world is your oyster. Base it on a Lamborghini, base it on a fictional pod from the 23rd century: just make it more appealing than the NV200.

Gorgeous Photoshop renders, lipstick scrawlings on the back of a bar mat, we’ll take anything. Post your best efforts to, and we’ll publish the very finest on later this week. Or maybe next. If they’re especially brilliant, we may even present your sketches to some high-up bods at Nissan and demand they immediately revise their taxi design.

Prizes? None at all. Well, apart from the smug satisfaction afforded by seeing your finest handiwork on the world’s greatest* motoring website, and a guaranteed decade of improved fortune at the roulette table.

Do your worst. Can’t wait.

(*OK, fourth-greatest)

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