Hybrid Morgan concept sketched

Daniele Pelligra is quite handy with a bag of crayons. Earlier this year, he showed TopGear.com his designs for a Ferrari LMP1 car. Not only that, he showed it to Ferrari’s Big Man In Charge, Luca di Montezemelo, who gave him the thumbs up.

This Ferrari LMP1 car will make you squeak

So the boy’s got skillz. Here’s his new project, and one a bit closer to home. Pelligra has spruced up the Morgan Aero Coupe by adding a bit of Italian verve to the design.

You’ll no doubt agree that it doesn’t look half bad.

Daniele tells us his concept was inspired by such Morgan traditions as ‘luxury’, ‘technology’ and ‘artisan culture’, rather than, say, ‘woody’ or ‘prehistoric’. He tells us he plans to show these sketches to Morgan at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Of course, it’s not real, not official and probably won’t ever happen. But as a flight of fancy, give the boy his dues.

Pics via Daniele