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If you enjoy spending your days wrapped in fireproof racing suits surrounded by the smell of fuel and torched tyres, then today is a good day for you. Today, McLaren has revealed the new 650S Sprint.

No, you haven’t already seen it. Yes, McLaren also recently unveiled the 650S GT3 car; this Sprint is the little brother to that monster, for the gentlemen, less oversteery helmsmiths amongst you.

It still gets lots of good bits, though. Underneath is the same carbon fibre MonoCell chassis and 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 powering the rear wheels, just like the road car (and that pesky GT3). The engine gets revised air intakes, while both engine and drivetrain get unique ECU calibrations too.

Then there’s the FIA-approved roll cage, a lightweight carbon fibre HANS device, six point racing harness, and even air-conditioning. And that last point is not a frivolous, quirky thing - it gets bloody hot in race cars. Aston is even working on a solar panel to power its future GT car air-con systems. So keeping cool is important.

The Sprint pinches the GT3’s motorsport fuel tank, front radiator and a GT3-inspired bonnet and front wing louvres. Wheels are of the centre-lock 19in racing variety and there’s a special race-ready braking system developed specifically for the Sprint.

And as is the fashion these days, you can even customise your McLaren 650S Sprint, including a CFD-developed aero pack (rear wing, front splitter), a passenger seat to terrify your partner, and even a lightweight windscreen.

Prices start from £198,000 plus taxes. Anyone from the Driving Gloves brigade approve?

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