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New TVR shown off in official sketch

The rebirth of the British sports car continues with teaser image showing off the front

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the upcoming, all-new TVR. Well, at least a sketch of it. The real thing is a way off, but this drawing was revealed via a video uploaded to YouTube.

The image was crafted using tape, but thankfully, the actual, real life TVR will be made of stronger stuff. Looks good though, doesn’t it? Hints of Merc SLS at the front, if you squint…

Coming your way in 2017, the new TVR will use an advanced carbon fibre chassis, and be built using Gordon Murray’s super-efficient ‘iStream’ manufacturing process. It’s said to make building carbon cars quicker and greener.

Though the carmaker hasn’t specified exactly which engine will power the new car - the smart money’s on a Ford 5.0-litre V8, producing around 450bhp - we do know Cosworth is on board to tune the thing. “The work Cosworth is doing will transform the base block, to the extent that where it actually comes from is almost irrelevant,” TVR boss Les Edgar explained to last year.

“Our new car will be more of a GT,” he added, “a two-seater coupe you might occasionally take on the track. There will be great materials inside, and we’ll do something spectacular with the interior design. The attention to detail will also be second-to-none. It has to be. Frankly, we’ll be doomed if it isn’t.”

TVR reckons on selling around 1,500 cars per year, with a price range between £55k and £85k. “We’re focused on the UK, with expansion into the hot spots for our brand in Europe. We’ve stress-tested it, so that we know how much we can scale it back if we need to, without losing our shirt. But is it a risk? Yes, of course it is,” he said.

There have been at least 300 pre-orders of the new car, so initial signs are promising. We’ll report back with more once we’ve seen the full thing…

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