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So - how do you improve upon one of the most beautiful British cars in years? If you’re Arden, you get out your most garish highlighter pens and whack on a set of alloy wheels that wouldn’t look small on a Range Rover.

That appears to be the German tuner’s approach to modifying the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. It has taken its tuning spanners to all manner of Jag, Mini, Range Rover and Bentley products in the past, but we’d say this F-Type is the ultimate expression in their oeuvre. 

A couple of tweaked examples have been revealed with different colour schemes, albeit in rendered, rather than real form. The stand-outs of Arden’s cosmetic tuning are those 21-inch forged alloy wheels - priced at a not inconsiderable £7179 for a set - and aero flaps for the front spoiler, pictured here in either red or green - a snip at £1353.

There’s also the option to lower the suspension by up to 30mm - yours for £552 - while Arden goes distinctly old school by offering a proper Jaguar leaper for the bonnet, priced at a more attainable £288.

Most interesting to us are some pleasingly loopy power upgrades on a car that - in V8 form at least - most certainly doesn’t need them. A £5101 engine map ups the power of any of the F-Type’s engines by a claimed 40bhp and 37lb ft; that translates as 582bhp and 538lb ft peaks in the V8-powered F-Type R Coupe, making it considerably more potent than a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Arden also offers a much more comprehensive supercharger and exhaust system upgrade (with a comprehensively upgraded price, at £24,467), which apparently yields hikes of around 150bhp and 110lb ft. There’s no confirmation on which engines are eligible, but if the R Coupe’s 5-litre V8 is among them, you’re looking at a car that’s heading towards Lamborghini Aventador power levels with close to 700bhp…

If Jaguar’s £135,000 Project 7 isn’t quite unique enough for you - there are going to be 250 of them, after all - then it appears Arden can help you create a Coupe that’s destined to be even rarer

Would you, though? Or should the F-Type Coupe’s finely proportioned curves and lairy handling as standard be left well alone?

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