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Bugatti news - Bugatti’s super touring car - 2009

Published: 20 Oct 2009

Remember that Mercedes SLS ‘Black' we showed you the other week? It was a rendering by Dutch designer-chap Sytse Dijkstra that turned Merc's gullwinged supercar into a LM-style race car.

Well, we liked it. So much that we decided to step it up a notch. What, we wondered, is the most ridiculous fantasy racer we could imagine? A Bugatti Galibier. On 23s and ready for the grid at Le Mans.

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Daft, isn't it? Note the open engine covers with Veyron powerplant nestled beneath and ridiculous rear spoiler.

Anyway, we thought we might do some more of these, so get signed up on our commenting thing below and give us your ideas. We'll pick the best five and get them illustrated.

But remember, don't take it too seriously. The more absurd the better, please...

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