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Can you guess which AMG this is?

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Clearly, Mercedes-Benz’s crack team of AMG engineers have been paying rather close attention to a corner of Specifically, this corner, where we invite you, the good folks of Earth, to guess what’s in our car park.

Mercedes’ game however, takes on a more aural note. This is principally because it is a video with literally no moving images of cars, but contains a very specific noise. A loud, shouty, visceral and gloriously dirty noise of an AMG engine.

Your task, should you wish to accept it, is to guess which AMG engine is responsible for the assault on your ears. We have a clue, but that’d be telling. And anyway, because you’re all fully paid up members of the entire Internet, you should probably be able to get it first time. Not least because it sounds like something we’ve hosted on this site already…

Watch the video below. When AMG stops cackling maniacally in its underground lair and reveals the answer, we shall update this page. For now, let the guessing begin.

*The picture above is only used for representative purposes. Stop analysing it and start listening

UPDATE: Mercedes has confirmed that the snarling din in the video is the work of the SLS AMG Roadster

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