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Is this the coolest 911 in the world?

If you are even vaguely aware of Porsches and a thing called the Internet, you will likely already know of RWB. If this knowledge evades you though, you need to watch this video immediately.

RWB - Rauh-Welt Begriff in full - is a Porsche tuner working out of Japan. Starting out as a small bodyshop in Chiba-Ken, it today builds some of the most outlandish 911s you can imagine.

A man named McGrath Keen saw a video about RWB’s work online and asked his racing driver son, Leh Keen, to set about getting one of these amazing Porsches. Shortly after, Nakai-san of RWB set to work, cigarette in hand, on creating a masterpiece.

And here it is: Naginata.

Normally, riveted on wheelarches and unnecessary aero bits are a sure-fire sign of a certain type of young gentleman. But when fitted to a 993 Porsche along with trick suspension and an anorexic interior, the results are astounding.

This 993 has been turned up to 11: the ludicrously dished real wheels, the winglets on the front - and rear - arches and the huge scoops just below the even bigger rear wing. Exaggerated, and yet everything is kept in the feel of Stuttgart.

Oh, and it’s named after a Samurai sword. If you know of a cooler 911, TG needs to know below.

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