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Gallery: Salon Prive 2012

  1. It’s another Salon Prive concourse, bringing with it a fresh batch of blisteringly expensive metal and strangers dressed in red trousers. One bloke even twinned them with red shoes, so he was crimson from lawn to hip. But we digress. Cars.

    There were several, all caked in polish on day release from their anti-moisture, anti-air, antibacterial carcoons. They’re here to be judged so their owners can reaffirm not-inconsiderable values then compare the size of that value with the size of other people’s values on the prim lawns of Syon House. It looks like a lot of fun.

    They even spluttered in en masse (your car only needs to start to get a tick on the judges sheet, it doesn’t have to run properly), the ensuing multi-million pound snake comprised of everything from a Bristol 401, Ferrari F40, Mercedes SL Gullwing, and enough breezy self-satisfaction to power a Pommery champagne bar for a year.

    As is common with these events, there’s a theme and some sort of tribute. This year all 18 of the racers from the ROFGO Gulf Collection are on display together in one place for the first time, yawning from the 1967 Mirage to a 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo. The Mercedes-Benz Gullwing’s also celebrating its 60th anniversary, so lots of them were parked next to each other, as were a collection of Ferrari F40s.

    Now click forth and enjoy the shiny cars. And if you fancy heading down yourself, it’s on till September 7. Click here for more.

    Click here for more

  2. Many Ferrari F40s. 

  3. Trying to escape to a racetrack?

  4. The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante concept. It is D; desirable. I; irresistible. S: super-sexy. C. Such a cutie. Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh. 

  5. We’ll take both. Thanks. 

  6. Gulf. The best livery… in the world. 

  7. Past Le Mans masters swap notes. 

  8. One-of-one Ferrari F40 Tricolore prepares for a spot of grass tracking. 

  9. You won’t find knock-off Bugatti replicas here - these are all real. 

  10. Lambo Miura hides in the weeds. 

  11. This year all 18 of the racers from the ROFGO Gulf Collection are on display together in one place for the first time. YAY.

  12. Ferrari 166, powered by the owner’s self satisfaction.

  13. Mercedes-Benz Gullwings lineup and celebrate their birthday. Disappointing absence of cake. 

  14. We do enjoy a jaunty carburettor trumpet. 

  15. “Fabian! Call the police! Someone’s pinched your wheels!”

  16. A refreshingly proletarian Austin Seven Doctor’s Coupe. 

  17. What a lovely pair of Bristols. 

  18. Back to the air-tight garage for you, Mercedes SL. 

  19. A Lamborghini Miura pulling off lime green nicely. 

  20. Maserati MC12. Definitely not designed for lawns. 

  21. The left-hand Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud looks positively futuristic next to its elderly relative.  

  22. Aston Zagato. Note the rump. Looks like a snake. 

  23. McLaren MP4-12C or F1? 

  24. Angry hypercar is angry. 

  25. Mercedes Porsche transporter was our pick of the show. 

  26. McLaren showing off its heritage. 

  27. Ferrari 330 GTS, also powered by smugness. 

  28. This is a 1953 Pegaso Z-102 Thrill, in case you’re wondering. 

  29. We call it The Lúride.

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