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Here is a picture of two classic BMW 5 Series estates and a camel

Pic of the day: classic Beemers enter the gruelling, 6,000km Allgäu - Orient rally

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The Allgäu - Orient Rally is, if you’re unaware, a rally. It covers over 6,000km of terrain from Germany to Jordan. It is one of the longest endurance rallies on planet earth, and one of the most gruelling, because of strict entry conditions.

Your car for example, can’t be less than 20 years old, nor cost more than €1,111. The maximum cost of accomodation during the event must not exceed €11.11 per person. Motorways are banned. As are satellite navigation devices.

Your reward however, should you meet these conditions and actually finish the race, are plentiful. All the proceeds from the race and the sale prices of the cars involved at the destination will be given to local charities. And, according to a release from BMW, there is also a prize… “in the shape of a fully grown camel”. Oh yes.

What we have here then, are two participants from a three-strong line-up of BMWs. Classic BMWs. The E34 BMW 5 Series Touring, to be precise. Fittingly, the team is called ‘5ever’ (geddit?).

This private entry team has been supported by BMW, who deployed its mechanics from BMW Group Classic at the point of purchase to assess the team’s chosen cars, and then gave each one a thorough service. Not only that, BMW’s mechanics also gave the team a course on managing breakdowns, and - incredibly - driver training by none other than two-time DTM champion Marco Wittman. He taught them important stuff like emergency braking, evasive manoeuvres and so forth, and non-important but highly excellent stuff like drifting. We’ve included one of these pics as a bonus, because it’s not everyday you see an E34 520i Touring merrily going sideways.

Now, enjoy the sight of a pair of classic Beemers and a camel. You’re welcome.

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