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Video: how to crane a Lambo Countach over London

Watch an 80s Lamborghini find the ultimate off-street parking

We’ve all been there. You’ve finally managed to get your ice white Lamborghini Countach to start and into central London. You’ve paid the congestion charge. Avoided every speed bump and width restrictor in Zone 1, but then – typically – you can’t find a parking space. 

So what do you do? Well, you channel your inner Wolf of Wall Street and think ‘what would Jordan Belfort do?’ So you phone up your favourite crane operator and get him to pick up your wedge of Italian supercar and plonk it on top of a skyscraper.

Well, that appears to be what someone has done recently. As we’ve just received this video in our inbox of Lamborghini’s ultimate poster car being strapped up and dangled over London like the ultimate prize in one of those arcade grabber games. It looks both sketchy and awesome in equal measure. Sure beats paying a gazillion pounds for 15 minutes in an NCP.

Check it out for yourself above.

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