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You built... an all-electric DeLorean?

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If you didn’t think the DeLorean could get any more awesome, you were… probably right. Because this one’s just like a normal one, only with electric stuff where the engine should be.

This “DMCEV” has been built by the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company - no relation to the ill-fated Belfast-based manufacturer of yore - and was unveiled at the International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas.

The manufacturers claim it’ll hit 60mph in 4.9 seconds, and have more than 200bhp when it’s ready for official launch in 2013.

Epic EV already produces a three-wheeler called the Torq Roadster, which hums out 200bhp via a 44V/156V electric motor funded by a 24-30 KWh lithium iron phosphate battery. So the proposed performance isn’t wholly unrealistic (providing EEV’s not telling porkies).

It’s built using 80 per cent original DMC kit, while the remaining 20 goes on uprated suspension and electric powertrain gubbins. The batteries, which add more than 90 kilograms to its heft, have also been repositioned so it gets rear-biased 35/65 weight distribution. Inside, it gets an iPhone dock, retrim and funky steering wheel (as seen below).

There’s no word on price yet, which begs the question - how much would you be willing to part with to get your hands on one? Tell us in the handy box below, TopGear.commists.

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