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The Chrysler Airflow Concept has been revealed at CES

Two years after the initial design was laid out, the Chrysler's EV looks ready for the real world

Published: 05 Jan 2022

Cast your mind back to pre-Armageddon times (you know, when you could sneeze without panicking) and you might recall that Chrysler teased a crossover concept that it was working on. Ring a bell?

Two years on the American firm is a step closer to making the Airflow Concept a reality. As you can see the latest version - unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - looks more like something you’d actually make in a factory, albeit with the kind of design that could wear any manufacturer’s badge without anyone giving it a second thought.

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Anyway, the Airflow Concept is designed to showcase Chrysler’s ‘leading-edge drive-system technology’, which promises a ‘fully connected’ experience with ‘advanced mobility features’ and various other buzzwords you’d stick into the template blurb of an EV concept.

The tech inside is powered by 'STLA Brain'; a software architecture that will drive the SmartCockpit systems built by parent company Stellantis in the future, and definitely won't turn evil and try to enslave the universe.

Chrysler says it can use this to give every passenger an extension of their ‘digital, work and home environments’ on the go, and that each screen can be personalised to the nth degree.

Over-the-air updates will introduce new features as time goes on, potentially upgrading the Level 3 autonomous driving capability along the way.

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The Airflow Concept is powered by a pair of 150kW motors (one on each axle), although the platform is designed to carry even bigger motors that could pave the way for a Tesla-chasing performance model.

A streamlined roof means low drag. So, range is estimated between 350 and 400 miles, although Chrysler hasn’t said what size battery it needs to achieve this. Fast charging is included though, so turnaround times should be quick.

Not that you’ll be that bothered about being stationary for a few minutes, such is the ‘dreamy’ nature of the cabin and focus on comfort inside.

Will the Airflow Concept ever be made? We’re not sure yet: Chrysler is going fully electric by 2028 with a first BEV due in 2025. According to brand CEO Chris Feuell, the concept “represents the future direction of the Chrysler brand” and gives us “a peek at the dynamic design, advanced technology and seamless connectivity” the company has in store.

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