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Fancy a 50mph Bugatti superyacht to match your Chiron?

Palmer Johnson Yachts and Bugatti team up to produce 66 feet of ocean-going luxo-speed

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Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bugatti’s CEO, once said that the average Bugatti owner (if such a thing is possible) has 84 other cars, three private jets, and one yacht. A startling stat. Well, 66 of those folks better make that two yachts, now uber boat builder Palmer Johnson and Bugatti have teamed up to make this: the Niniette 66. As close to an amphibious Bugatti as you’re likely to get, without being that guy who crashed his Veyron into a lake while ‘avoiding a pelican’.

Like the Chiron, the Niniette’s looks are defined by the sweeping Bugatti line, which forms the air intake on the road car and the superstructure on the boat. You can click on these blue words to head over to the official website and configure your own – like the car, just about any option is possible. 

Also like the road car is the fact much of the boat has been made from carbon fibre, and that it’s very fast. V8 power takes the fastest Niniette to a claimed top speed of 44knots, or 50mph in ground-speed. For a water-borne machine, that’s really shifting. Different lengths of hull ranging from 50 to 80 feet will be available, depending on how many folks you’d like to entertain aboard your Niniette.

On-board features include a ‘fire-pit’ (mmm, roasty), Jacuzzi, champagne bar and marble bathroom. Only 66 are being made, so it’ll be a lot rarer than the Chiron. Get that conference call to your Swiss broker dialled pronto. 

Oh, and if you’re struggling with the name, it has true Bugatti heritage. In 1930, company founder Ettore Bugatti was commissioned by Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi to build a one-off luxury speedboat. It was christened Niniette, after a nickname given to Ettore’s youngest daughter. You can’t deny that reborn moniker is a classy touch.

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