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Furai in motion

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The Mazda Furai just keeps getting better
and better.

When we first saw the Nagare-themed
race concept at
the Detroit show in January, we were immediately smitten. A couple of weeks
later, we spent a few days getting up close and personal with its incredible, swoopy bodywork and
decided it might just be the coolest thing in the history of ever.

And now, having just seen this video of
the Furai lapping the Buttonwillow circuit in South California, we reckon we
were right. Just a tip: if you’re at work, you might want to turn your speakers
down a touch.

the Furai on YouTube:

What a sound. We know the picture is bit grainy and you can’t really see what’s going on outside the cabin, but just listen to it. That’s a 450bhp three-rotor rotary engine making that noise: a noise like Satan’s own fleet of killer bumblebees.

We love the way the passenger keeps looking across at the driver. We can only imagine he’s mouthing the words: ‘Do you have anything to stop my ears bleeding?’

Now just imagine it round the Porsche Curves at the Le Mans 24 Hours. Make it happen, Mazda.

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