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Is this the greatest off-road buggy ever made?

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This brutal Mars Rover GTI thing is called the Reboot Buggy. It has a 470hp small block V8 in the middle, long-travel suspension, huge 40-inch tyres, no roof and two doors.

So how did its designer, artist Joey Ruiter, come up with the gently terrifying outline? By ignoring humans. He reckons that modern cars are too focused on the demands of fleshy, breakable humans. Stuff like covers on mechanical things to stop us getting minced, connectivity for our rectangles. So he… ignored it.

Ruiter says: “I’ve been continually frustrated with all the stuff we put on cars. The automobile starts with the simple task of moving us from one point to another. Anything extra is purely for our personal comfort and enjoyment. It has very little to do with getting us somewhere. So I designed this initially without a user then [put a driver] in it. [This way] the car does something for itself.”

Ruiter just finished filming himself driving it like he stole it, which you can see at the jump. How much d’you want to take this to the nearest beach for a thrash?

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