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Lamborghini Estoque news - Estoque: dead or alive? - 2009

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The Estoque – Lamborghini’s mad four-door supercar first shown back in Paris last year – isn’t dead. Trouble is, it’s not exactly alive either.
See, following unscrupulous reports circulating round the interweb last week that Lambo had canned the Estoque in the face of the current financial downturn (seriously, someone should invent a computer shortcut for that phrase), the Italian supercar maker has released a statement confirming that it hasn’t made any decision at all on its four-door’s future.
“In reference to recent press coverage commenting on cancellation of its Estoque project,” says the statement, “Lamborghini has not taken any decision to produce its Estoque concept car. Lamborghini believes that if a third model line should ever be added to its product line up, a four door luxury performance saloon could be a logical product strategy.”
Which translates, we think, as: “We’re not going to build it, but we’re not going to not build it either.”
The Estoque concept was powered by a 500bhp V10, but Lamborghini had hinted that a hybrid and even a diesel version could be feasible. True, it’s not the most sensible time to be launching a 200-odd grand hyper-saloon, but when did Lambo ever do sensible?

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