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This Porsche 918 render needs to be a reality

Fun for off-road racing now, then very handy when the apocalypse comes...

Made you look, didn’t we. This striking creation is the work of Estonian render artist Rain Prisk, so unfortunately it’s not all that real. Porsche has not made a 918 crossover spin-off.

Which may be a good thing or a bad thing, whichever way you look at it. You may think that the svelte lines and some of the speed of the Porsche 918 have been slightly ruined by raising the ride height and sticking a whacking great roof rack on the top, but we prefer to think that it’d be good for any apocalypse that might come our way.

Much like this Bugatti Chiron render, the chunky off-road tyres, bull bar and light bar make the car look a lot meaner and mostly zombie-proof. We’ll hedge our bets on the Porsche in a race – that ground clearance could come in useful when our British roads break up even more.

There’s also something of the ill-fated BMW Z18 concept about it. But as much as we’re hoping for it, the world probably won’t be treated to a real 918 on stilts. Shame.

Words: Ben Custard

Image: Rain Prisk

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