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Video: watch a synchronised driving display go very, very wrong

Grace, precision, timing… this AMG display from South Africa boasts none of these things

You’ll have seen, be it on YouTube or in person, displays of professional synchronised driving, performances in which pilots of great skill manoeuvre their cars at speed within mere inches of each other, wowing onlookers while somehow avoiding contact.

At least, that’s the plan.

When a display of synchronized driving goes right, it is an impressive feat to behold. When it goes wrong, it is… well, have a watch of the video above.

It captures the curiously poetic moment during a display at Zwartkops, South Africa, when a quartet of AMG synchronised drivers become… rather unsynchronised.

We’re not quite sure precisely what goes wrong, but to our expert eyes, the problems appear to start the moment that two cars attempt to be in the same place at the same time.

You’ll definitely want the sound up for this one, not so much for the AMG’s bellowing engine noise as for the announcer’s prophetical hailing of the ‘agility and true performance of these AMGs’. Pride, fall, etc…

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