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Dartz invent a niche with the Nagel Dakar

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You’re buying a new car. You want something sporty and good-looking, your wife wants something practical and the in-laws want something solid so the kids are safe. In this situation we’d normally say to you,”buy a BMW 330d Touring”. But overnight things have changed: our favourite Latvian car manufacturer, Dartz, has invented a whole new sector that catches all your motoring desires in one product like a comically large butterfly net.

Internet, we give you the Dartz Nagel Dakkar. The first car to plant the flag in the B.N.U.D.S sector. What on Earth is B.N.U.D.S? Well…

Bespoke - Every car is made specially for the customer. You can even decide what it looks like externally.
Noble - Dartz say they’re one of the oldest car names.
Urban - as it’s claimed to have an excellent ride for the city. As we found out when we gave a Dictator a lift, this means going over anything that’s in your way.
Desert - If you live in the desert, that’s fine. Dartz says the car works great there too.
Safety - Because of the use of a titanium tubular farme and the company’s previous exploits into bulletproofing.

The car is named after famous Russian driver, Andrew Nagel, who came first at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1912, and apparently crossed the Sahara in 1913 using a Russobaltique car. If people are inspired to take their Nagael Dakkar to a rally, they can utilise the 650hp, tuned version of AMG’s 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission sending drive to all four wheel and through a chassis designed by Saxon Automobile Manufacture.

The Nagel Dakar is still very much a ‘work in progress’, as the pictures we’ve been supplied contain pencil drawings. Nevertheless, the car/truck/saviour of all our motoring problems is priced around $300,000 and they’re aiming to sell 10 units in the first year.

We haven’t seen the options list yet, but expect the price of the car to be endless as you could spec whale wang trim, a $1,000,000 bottle of vodka and caviar in the last car we drove, the Prombrom. 

So, Internet what would you choose? BMW 330d Touring or Dartz Nagel Dakkar?


Internet only BONUS extras…

For more, here are some quotes from Dartz themselves sent to Top Gear describing why you need a Dartz Nagel Dakkar in your life (contains excellent an excellent Latvian sense of humour):

- “As all we know no lady will come to a party in same dress as another. But, yes, they always come to this party in same cars. Yes, expensive, yes luxury - but - YES - similar. DARTZ-SAM car will solve that issue, as on the titanium frame we can put on “dress’ or car body you want, you choose, you dream.”

- DARTZ-SAM will be the one & only unique car which will mix highest quality of German engineering and car building traditions with insane Russian luxury.

- DARTZ-SAM will be favourite car in your garage - as when you will wake up don’t knowing what’s your plans for today, you can easy jump in in DARTZ-SAM - you can go off-road, all-road, or any-road.

- DARTZ-SAM - a car where you can make billions, like in business, or non-stop go to win rally.

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