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The Zedro Notorious is a 1,250bhp daily driver hypercar

And you can have any bodystyle or colour you want. No, really, you can

Published: 14 Nov 2019

Meet the etch-a-sketch supercar, yours from upwards of $65k. It’s called the Zedro Motors Notorious, and its makers offer almost limitless customisation options and designs.

Like, literally everything. Hell, if you don’t like the bodystyle or have a design of your own in mind, Zedro will sit you down with their chief designer, and draw out something a little more to your tastes.

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The actual body that you see above “takes inspiration from multiple companies and brands that we really like" a Zedro spokesperson told TG. The base car gets a body made from fibreglass, while further up the Zedro food chain you get carbon fibre.

It’s bolted over an Infiniti Q40 chassis and engine, replete with a twin-turbo V6 underneath. “It’s extremely reliable,” Zedro told us, “and that makes it cheap to maintain.”

Of course, this being a super-hyper-thingy, custom options are available, and if you work yourselves up through the trim levels, the range-topper gets an engine upgrade that makes 1,250bhp. That car will do 0-62mph in 3.4s. Others are less powerful and slower, but still no slouches – even the base car will do 0-62mph in 5.2s.

It’s fairly light, coming in at under 1,300kg, has four seats, a boot, and the ability to option it up to your heart’s content. They’re only building 100 and five have already been sold – indeed, the one you’re staring at above is car number five.

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