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Tuesday 5th December

The Drako GTE is a 1,200bhp, 206mph electric GT car

Forget the Nimbus 2001, the Malfoys have a new mode of transport

Published: 19 Aug 2019

Hello muggles, and welcome to the mind-bendingly quick Drako GTE. Not as quick as travelling by floo powder of course, but you non-magic types will have to deal with what you’re given.

Apologies, we’ll stop the Harry Potter references right away – it’s not even spelt the same as Master Malfoy’s first name.

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Welcome to the first car from Silicon Valley start-up Drako Motors. It’s based on the chassis of the old Fisker Karma, but claims to be a fully-electric four-seat supercar rather than a hybrid luxury barge. 

It’s rapid too, four electric motors (one at each wheel) combine to produce a total of 1,200bhp and a monumental 6,500lb ft of torque – powering the GTE to a top speed of 206mph.

There’s no word on how long you’ll be able to use that performance for, but those motors draw their power from a 90kWh battery pack that’s mounted in the floor for a low centre of gravity. For comparison, you can have your Tesla Model S with either a 75 or 100kWh battery.

Drako claims that the GTE will feature “cornering precision unlike any other supercar on the road today” thanks to Öhlins suspension, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and an apparently industry-leading torque vectoring system that can shift power between each individual wheel over 1,000 times per second. It was developed on the Nürburgring too – so make of that what you will. 

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There’s also a huge array of different driving modes thanks to the programmable electric motors. Drako is calling the four different switches its ‘Quattro Manettino’ – presumably in a move designed to annoy the copyright lawyers of both Audi and Ferrari. Note the drift mode in there though – this is good news. 

More good news comes from the fact that the car you see above is a fully-functional, production-ready example. That means orders are now open, although production will be limited to just 25 examples. That’s a shame, as is the $1.25m (£1m) base price. 

Looks pretty sleek though, right? Those grilles at the front aren’t just for show either. Three oversized radiators are used to cool the mega battery pack. What do you think, Internet?

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