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Hurrah! Peugeot is launching an all-electric 308 estate

Oh, and the 308 hatch is getting an EV version too. We’re all about the estate, though

Published: 16 Sep 2022

Great news for all those who wanted an electric estate car but couldn’t quite bring themselves to buy an MG 5 – Peugeot has announced that an all-electric e-308 SW will arrive next year, and it's a handsome thing.

The e-308 hatch is a cracking looking thing too and will arrive at the same time as the estate. Peugeot has said that both iterations will use a brand-new electric powertrain, with a 156bhp electric motor and a new 54kWh high-voltage battery.

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That should mean a WLTP range of 248 miles, with 100kW fast-charging allowing for a 20-80 per cent top-up in 25 minutes. There’ll be Eco, Normal and Sport drive modes, plus a Brake mode for maximum regen when you lift off the throttle. All very standard EV stuff these days, which makes us think a worthy electric 308 estate could be very good indeed. 

Both the hatch and the estate will be available in Allure and GT trim levels, with Peugeot’s i-Cockpit inside and a 10-inch central infotainment screen. Those aero-spec 18-inch wheels will be exclusive to the EV versions of both too. 

What do we think, sensible folk of the Internet?

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