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We want these Tesla pickup renders to come to life

One chap takes to Photoshop to give Elon the hurry up

Published: 06 May 2019

Elon Musk loves Twitter. He also likes to make bold claims. At times, the two haven’t gone together so harmoniously.

Back in December 2017, the Tesla CEO first tweeted a promise that his company would build a pickup truck. Then, in June last year he decided to ask the world what they would like to see in said pickup. Of course, we in BritainMcBritainface have learnt this never ends well…

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Anyway, Musk then confirmed that the Tesla pickup would have a six-seater cab, 400-500 miles of range and 240V power outlets to enable the use of high-power tools ‘on-site’. Sounds rather useful.

Since then though the company has been busy developing the Model 3, Model Y, Roadster and the Semi lorry – and it seems as though some Tesla fans have become a little bit bored of waiting.

The images you see above are renders from Turkish designer Emre Husmen, and don’t they look brilliant. The giant off-road tyres, chunky arches and plastic skid plates are classic pickup staples, but the swooping roofline and sharp features make this look suitably modern. It also avoids any retro styling that could have clashed with the rather wonderful Rivian R1T - there's room for more than one electric pickup in this world.

Think Elon should take some styling cues? Or will he be able to do better himself? Let us know what you think below.

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Images: Emre Husmen

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