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What do VW van owners make of the new electric ID. Buzz?

Reinventing its van might be the bravest thing VW’s ever done. Here’s what the community makes of it

VW Campers
  • Ryan Turk, VW Caddy Van

    Ryan Turk, VW Caddy Van

    “I think a lot of people are gonna want to camper them. The electrics are going to be a bit tricky to deal with though. The height and the width is fine – all cars are getting too big on the road anyway – but the length isn’t enough. They’ll replace the modern day Transporters, but over time.”

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  • Scott, T25 Transporter

    Scott, T25 Transporter

    “I wouldn’t give up the Subaru engine in my T25 for electric quite yet. It’s an EJ 2.2 instead of the original 1.6 from years ago and that makes quite a difference, takes a lot of vibration out and means 135bhp instead of 65. I like the Buzz, but if the infrastructure was in place to support electric vehicles it would be a lot easier to live with.”

  • Rick Harrison, T6 Ecowagon

    Rick Harrison, T6 Ecowagon

    “This is what concerns me: how’s recharging going to work if you’re towing? You would likely have to unhitch your caravan and find a charger. Go and have a coffee, come back to your Buzz, go to another part of the parking area to hook back up. And think of the harm done to your range by towing. Not a relaxing way to tour.”

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  • Jo Olivey, T2 Split

    Jo Olivey, T2 Split

    “I love it, I love the space inside, the ideas and the design and if I had the money I’d have it as a second car. Couldn’t get rid of Sandy, though – she’s 56 years old now! It’s all a bit techno inside which is a bit scary. I like the clear screen, the space and the fact you can remove the centre console and walk through to the back. And the boot is amazing. I could put a mattress in there and sleep in it.”

  • Norman Shrigley, T2 Split

    Norman Shrigley, T2 Split

    “It’s nice and big and chunky, but it’s not for me because it’s electric. I like the sound of the 1800cc flat four in mine – it’s been upgraded, so it’s a rocket up to 60mph. Should be cheaper to run than mine, but it’s going to be too much money to buy. Wouldn’t mind having the power steering and servo brakes from it on mine though.”

  • Lee Tolley, T6 Transporter

    Lee Tolley, T6 Transporter

    “Driving down here I was a little bit sceptical. I didn’t know if I was going to like the look of it having seen pictures of it online, but when I got here – it’s a beautiful thing, almost futuristic, sleek and modern. I love the minimalistic interior too, it’s so big and open with a good view. It’s a brilliant people carrier, as a camper van I don’t know if it’s going to work.”

  • John Weedon, T5 California

    John Weedon, T5 California

    “The VW vans have a grab handle on the A-pillar, but the Buzz only has one in the middle above the door, which is useless for helping to pull you up. Overall bits like that mean it’s more car-like than van-like. It looks modern though, and I love the armrests coming down like on my T6, it means you’ve got such a comfy driving position.”

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  • Clive Goodwin, T2 Split

    Clive Goodwin, T2 Split

    “The feature where the ignition turns itself on when the driver sits in is a pain – even when you move in the seat it keeps switching off. But I’ve just learned that what looks like leather is actually recycled plastic, and that’s great. I’d like a buddy seat up front. I know you can have three abreast in the Cargo, but it would be great here, too.”

  • Kenny Green, T6 Ecowagon

    Kenny Green, T6 Ecowagon

    “I’m looking forward to getting our hands on one and seeing what we can do with it. This one seems smaller, but the Cargo version won’t have all the plastics in it, so there will be more space and cubic capacity to fit stuff in. I’d rather look at the long wheelbase version when that comes, though.”

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