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Would you spend £79,000 on a classic electric Mini?

This electric conversion will set you back Tesla Model X money

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We’ll assume you know the brilliant background story behind the original Mini. We’ll also assume that you’ve become used to seeing different companies attempt to bring them back to their former glory in the modern day.

Like this David Brown Automotive remastered version. Or BMW’s own electrified attempt. A team of specialists from Swindon have now done their own EV take: welcome to the Swind E Classic Mini.

This one packs an 80kw electric motor (that’s around 110bhp in old money) and a floor-mounted battery pack that’ll provide 125 miles of range. That’s more than enough for a few hot-laps of the city and almost double the standard set by BMW.

Speed? Modest, but then it’s only little. Swind reckon on 0-60mph in 9.2s, 30-50mph in 4.3s and a top speed cresting a heady 80mph. You don’t need any more. It weighs just 720kg, around 80kg more than the standard 1959 car.

And electric packaging – which also frees up 200 litres of boot space – means the weight distribution is better (57/43 compared to the classic’s 68/32 front to rear). There are things like USB charging ports, heated leather seats, new “brake and suspension parts” and better corrosion prevention. Heck, there’s even optional sat-nav, power steering, air-con and performance tuning upgrades.

Only 100 will be built, in either left- or right-hand drive, and prices start at… £79,000. Which is just shy of an entry-level Tesla Model X.

Still, this has to be the best thing to come out of Wiltshire since, well…

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