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Exclusive: new video from Die Hard 5

There can literally be no argument: Die Hard is the greatest action movie of all time. Simple.

And yet, it contained surprisingly little vehicular mayhem. Barring the limousine driver ‘Argyle’ and a bit of pancaking police cars, Bruce Willis’ seminal character ‘John McClane’ barely gets the chance to walk on something other than glass, let alone the opportunity to drift a car into a baddie’s face.

Thankfully, later Die Hard sequels would rectify this glaring oversight. And it is therefore with great interest that we welcome the fifth instalment of the Die Hard franchise: A Good Day to Die Hard. And as you can see from this little video featurette, the carmaggedon has been spectacularly ramped up.

And when we say spectacularly, we mean eye-poppingly explosive. In this video, we see Brucey take custody of a Mercedes G-Wagen, and flatten all sorts of film furniture, including a Porsche.

There’s a shot of three BMW 7-Series being gratuitously blown to kingdom come, a Mercedes Unimog flipping over some bikes, a Maybach limousine (RIP), and some form of military vehicle intent on tearing a hole in the space-time continuum.

The premise of the film has John McClane travelling to Russia to help out his son Jack, only to trip over into some explosions. But frankly, we just want to see cars blown up. We’re quite fond of that here at Top Gear. The film is scheduled to hit cinemas next month. Stay tuned…

While we’re on the subject of military vehicles, last week we spoke to a man who owns a tank, and counts Bruce Willis as a friend. It’s only Arnold Schwarzenegger! chats to Arnold Schwarzenegger

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