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Is Ferrari planning a LaFerrari Spider?

Internet awash with rumours about an open-top, 950bhp hypercar

Published: 08 Mar 2016

Though Ferrari told us last week that any potential successor to the LaFerrari hinges on a significant technological leap, it appears chopping the roof off the current car isn't out of the question.

Rumours are swirling that Maranello is considering a limited-run of LaFerrari Spiders; a picture showcasing a special box with what looks like a LaFerrari Spider sketched over the top appeared in a user's Facebook post over the weekend.

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Naturally, nothing has been made official, and Ferrari told that of course, it "does not discuss speculation about future models". Fair enough, really.

Either way, a LaFerrari Spider would be quite a thing. The carbon structure of the hypercar would no doubt help stiffness, while the electrically-boosted V12 and all of its 950bhp should sound positively astonishing without a roof.

So, quick question – should Ferrari build it immediately, or would you rather they didn't and worked on its successor instead? Answers below...

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