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Gallery: the cheapest cars to insure

  • Working out the logic behind insurance quotes can sometimes be like attempting to crack the Enigma code. While blindfolded. And battling an enraged octopus at the same time.

    As you'll know if you've ever tried haggling with an insurance company, not only will seemingly similar cars generate wildly different quotes, but arbitrary factors appear to have a disproportionate effect on the premium. ("You usually have eggs for breakfast on Wednesdays, Mr Jones? That'll add another £100, I'm afraid...")

    But, all other things being equal, the cars in the lowest insurance categories - 1 and 2 - will be cheaper to cover than cars from higher categories. Revolutionary stuff, right?

    So we've rounded up the cars with the lowest insurance groups in the UK. Remember, not all variants of these cars will be cheap to insure - as a general rule, the smaller the engine and more depressing the acceleration, the lower the cost of your cover.

    Remember, too, that not all insurers are equal, so make sure you shop around for the lowest quote. And don't forget there's fun to be had in even the cheapest of runabouts.

    Have a click through our round-up of the UK's cheapest cars to insure, and tell us - which is the most fun of the bunch?

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  • Chevrolet Spark

    We like: Far less woeful than the Matiz it replaced. Could optimistically be considered first cousin of the Corvette.

    We don't like: It's tall, so it rolls a lot in corners. Very much not actually a first cousin of the Corvette.

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  • Fiat Panda

    We like: Pretty much everything, actually. Looks interesting, decent to drive, plenty of space inside. 4WD versions are unlikely, plucky off-road heroes.

    We don't like: Trim lines with grating names like ‘Pop', ‘Easy' and ‘Lounge'. Two-cylinder ‘TwinAir' engine is characterful, but not as economical as claimed.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Fiat Panda

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  • Hyundai i10

    We like: Surprisingly refined for a tiny, cheap Korean offering. Handles motorways like a bigger, more expensive car.

    We don't like: PPI cold-callers.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Hyundai i10

  • Kia Rio

    We like: Looks good, sharp enough to drive. Diesel offerings are smooth and economical, seven-year warranty is a bonus.

    We don't like: Too much road noise. Not much else to complain about here. Annoyingly competent in all departments.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Kia Rio

  • Seat Mii

    We like: Very slightly cheaper than the VW Up with which it shares, um, pretty much everything.

    We don't like: Very slightly more expensive than the Skoda Citigo with which it shares, um, pretty much everything.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Seat Mii

  • Skoda Citigo

    We like: Very slightly cheaper than both the VW Up and Seat Mii with which it shares... yeah, you've got the picture, right?

    We don't like: Long queues at the post office. Oh, with the car, you mean? Not much at all. It's a cracker.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Skoda Citigo

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  • Vauxhall Corsa

    We like: New version is far, far better than the lumpy old Corsa. 1.0-litre three-cylinder triple is a cracker.

    We don't like: Driving manners aren't quite so good as the Ford Fiesta. Neither is the driving position.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Vauxhall Corsa

  • Volkswagen Up

    We like: All of it. Looks smart, pleasant to drive, economical engines. One of the very best city cars in the business.

    We don't like: VW insisting the Up should have an exclamation mark on the end. Up! No.

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  • Citroen C1

    We like: New version is less... divisive-looking than its mechanically identical cousins, the Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108.

    We don't like: Not as refined or expensive feeling as the VW Up. Or the Hyundai i10. Or the Fiat Panda. Or...

    Read Top Gear's review of the new Citroen C1

  • Citroen C3

    We like: Um. Ah. It's quite comfortable on motorways. And quite nice on the inside.

    We don't like: Getting rather long in the tooth. Doesn't like to be driven fast. Or even slightly briskly. One for the bus-pass crowd.

    Read Top Gear's verdict on the Citroen C3

  • Dacia Sandero

    We like: The almost implausible price tag. The Sandero starts at £5,995, making it the cheapest car you can buy in the UK. Good news!

    We don't like: The quality commensurate with a £5,995 price tag. You can tell where Dacia have saved money here: the interior is short on flair, and the overall quality isn't exactly Bentley-spec. Less-than-perfect EuroNCAP rating is a concern, too.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Dacia Sandero

  • Ford Ka

    We like: That it's closely related to the rather good Fiat 500.

    We don't like: That it's nowhere near as good as the rather good Fiat 500. Or indeed the original Ka. Not up to Ford's usual high standards.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Ford Ka

  • Kia Picanto

    We like: Interesting to look at, and a smart cabin with plenty of space. Big warranty.

    We don't like: It won't give you the driving fizz like, say, that Porsche Cayman GT4. We may be setting the bar a little high here.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Kia Picanto

  • Renault Twingo

    We like: That a rear-engined, rear-drive city car exists in this day and age. And that it's so spectacularly easy to park.

    We don't like: Over-enthusiastic traction control gets involved too early on. Not as satisfying to drive as its RWD configuration might suggest.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the new Renault Twingo

  • Skoda Fabia

    We like: Plenty of space, plenty of VW-level quality.

    We don't like: Not so fun to punt down a B-road as the Fiesta. And Skoda won't build a hot VRS version. Boo.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Skoda Fabia

  • Smart ForTwo

    We like: All-new ForTwo is so, so much better to drive than the old version. Then again, a shopping cart with a missing wheel would've been better to drive than the old version.

    We don't like: Not a whole lot of use if you're planning on transporting more than one passenger. Or more than one bag of shopping. Not cheap, either.

    Read the Top Gear review of the Smart ForTwo

  • Smart Forfour

    We like: Rear-engined, rear-wheel drive cars. Being able to park in spaces slightly shorter than the car itself.

    We don't like: More expensive than the mechanically-very-similar Renault Twingo. Not so pretty as the mechanically-very-similar Renault Twingo.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Smart ForFour

  • Toyota Aygo

    We like: The fact the Aygo's X-motif front end was inspired by a Japanese cartoon. The fact it's quite fun to drive like a total eejit.

    We don't like: There's only one engine option. And it's proper slow.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the new Toyota Aygo

  • Toyota Yaris

    We like: Well-built, decent diesel engine, solid interior. Sensible running costs. Yup.

    We don't like: Oh god, but it's dull. The Yaris is high on quality but short on joy.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Toyota Yaris

  • Vauxhall Adam

    We like: Interesting on the inside, infinitely configurable.

    We don't like: The woeful punmanship contained within the Adam's paint catalogue. Sweet Greens? White My Fire? Lord, give us strength.

    Read the Top Gear verdict on the Vauxhall Adam

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