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Expect the futuristic Kia EV4 to look very similar to the concept

EV3 looks a heck of a lot like its concept car, and Kia says the 4 will follow in its footsteps

Published: 27 May 2024

So, we’ve now seen the production version of the Kia EV3 and save for the lower front grille section and some of the interior, it looks remarkably similar to the boxy little concept car that was first shown in late 2023.

That concept was unveiled alongside the EV4, and now Kia tells us the EV4 production car will also look a lot like that preview.

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“That's something that Karim [Habib – Kia's design chief] is very, very much focused on – not overpromising and underdelivering,” said Kia’s European marketing director David Hilbert.

“In the past concept cars have done that. If you look at the concept EV3 compared to the production car you’d think it was the same car. The diffuser is different and maybe the wheels, but pretty much everything else is spot on.

“For EV4, read between the lines in terms of EV9 and EV3 concepts to production.”

In our eyes the EV4 looks a little bit like Kia’s take on a Polestar 2, with a body that’s a bit of a cross between a saloon, a hatch and a four-door coupe. There are links to the EV9 and EV3 too – notice the squared-off wheelarches and sloping roofline.

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The EV4 should also be impressively aerodynamic given the chunky EV3 has somehow managed to score a drag coefficient of 0.267.

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