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This is the fastest Audi Q2 you can now buy

Audi’s new Q2 gets 2.0-litre turbo power and quattro all-wheel drive

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Stop everything – Audi has released the fastest and most-powerful Q2 ever, with a 187bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine and quattro all-wheel drive. If that’s not the calibre of news that’ll carry you on the wings of angels into the weekend, we don’t know what is. 

This drivetrain combo is available on S Line model, which will cost £31,760 as well as “the top-flight Edition #1”, which will require 36,750 of your hard-earned pounds. 

The oily bits are all fairly familiar territory for Audi, with a seven-speed DSG, 2.0-litre petrol and clutch-based all-wheel-drive system already found across Audi’s ever-burgeoning range. So it stands to reason that the 187bhp Q2 will be a comfortable, well-built and eminently reliable thing that’ll cover everything from the carpark at Waitrose to an unpaved lane in Wales. Serious off-roaders should look elsewhere, but that’s hardly a revelation.

With 187bhp, this isn’t anything approaching an RS or even an S model; even so, it is an entirely adequate amount of grunt for a small hatchback on stilts. It also leaves the door wide open for future SQ2 and RSQ2 models, which you’re free to speculate about to your heart’s content. 

That said, if you are keen on brand new and exceptionally brisk Audi quattros, there’s always the imminent local launch of the 395bhp RS3 – y’know, if you can go without being on eye level with all the yummy mummies in Evoques.

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