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McLaren reveals its new supercars*

*Sort of. McLaren teases a new version of the 650S... with a picture of a tub

The supercar arms race is showing no signs of slowing, with a brand-new McLaren due at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

But it’s not just a new car in the range – McLaren’s revamping the entire Super Series, meaning that both the 650S and 675LT are due to be put out to pasture, replaced with entirely new creations from an entirely new chassis.

The brand-new ‘Monocage II’ carbon tub is lighter than the series one unit, with lower sills and larger door apertures, meaning the new 650S will be 18kg lighter than the current model – and easier to get out of when you’re out the front of the casino. McLaren only lists a dry weight, which is 1,283kg, so expect that figure to jump when things like fuel, oil and human beings are added.

For now, McLaren’s only sent a picture of the Monocage II, so we’ll have to imagine what a body will look like when it’s glued in place. Likely very nice indeed, going on current form.

The Super Series II (our name, but just roll with it) will also have an even lower centre of gravity than the already ground-hugging 650S, which, to a McLaren engineer, is likely better news than a newborn son. How much of an effect it’ll have in the real world is something we look forward to telling you…

If all this talk of carbon fibre has made you mildly tumescent, you might be right for a job at McLaren. You might also be interested to know that you’ll be able to purchase an optional ‘Visible Monocage’ pack that “exposes the material on the inside area of the A-pillar”.

The Super Series is the oldest in McLaren’s repertoire at the moment, with origins in the MP4-12C of 2011. Hardly geological timeframes, true, but in the new supercar brawl that McLaren has embroiled itself – much to the joy of the Top Gear office – it pays to be on the cutting edge.

For those not entirely up on McLaren’s recent-ish rebranding, the Super Series currently comprises all versions of the 650S and 675LT, sitting above the Sport Series (540C, 570S and 570GT) and below the Ultimate Series (P1 and P1 GTR).

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