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This is the new Subaru Impreza*

*Well, at least the chassis. Subaru unveils underpinnings for its next-gen cars can exclusively reveal that the next-generation Subaru Impreza will have four wheels. And some steel.

We jest, of course. Subaru has today revealed an all-new platform that will underpin the next-generation of its entire range of cars, beginning with the new Impreza which we’ll see later in 2016.

And there are some big, headline promises made by Subaru. The first of which is a 70-100 per cent increase in body stiffness, along with suspension tweaks and a 5mm lower centre of gravity than present Subaru models.

This, the company reckons, will help straight-line stability, better, more precise steering, more grip and - by mounting the rear stabiliser directly to the body - less body roll. Up to 50 per cent less body roll compared to the current crop of Subarus.

What else? The new suspension mountings are more rigid, so it’ll be able to deal with bumpy roads better - so more comfort is promised. Plus, Subaru is using more high-tensile steel plates that help absorb more energy after an impact. So it’ll be safer in an accident, apparently.

Naturally, no new platform would be unveiled without the necessary adherence to a multitude of powertrains. Subaru reckons this new chassis hardware allows for petrol, plug-in hybrids, fully electric cars and “alternative power units”. We suspect an all-electric STI isn’t on the menu. Though Subaru does of course, remain committed to its boxer engines and all-wheel-drive system.

“The new platform will make possible a new type of driving experience, appealing directly to the senses and offering unparalleled smoothness and comfort, all backed up by excellent performance and specifications,” explains Subaru.

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