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Five fine Top Gear Ferrari moments

  1. Many of you will be thrilled, excited and partially moistened by the arrival of Ferrari’s F12 Berlinetta. It is, as our own road tester claims, bombastic, epic and howlingly fast. And there’s nothing else remotely like it.

    But Ferrari, as you may or may not know, has produced several cars in the past. And Jeremy, Richard and James have enjoyed many of them on Top Gear. So, in waiting for them to get their hands on the new lunatic from Maranello, we thought we’d give you a quick reminder of
    the company’s past masters as captured by TG telly.

  2. Richard drives the Ferrari F40

    In 1986, Porsche released the finest supercar the world had ever seen - the 959. Then, a year later, Ferrari gave us the, urm, best supercar the world had ever seen - the F40.

    When it launched, the 444bhp 2.9-litre flat six-powered 959 would do 197mph. It was the speed king; slower than nothing else on the road. But then the 201mph F40 came along. With 48bhp more.

    Click here to watch

  3. Jeremy drives the Ferrari 458 Italia

    There are many buttons fitted to the steering wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia. And many screens. But it is exceptionally good looking. And possibly the first properly pretty Ferrari since the 308 came along in 1975.

    But it isn’t just a looker. It produces 562 delightful horsepower. Which makes it considerably faster than the outgoing 430. And, according to Jeremy Clarkson, rather a lot more soulful than Britain’s
    finest - the McLaren MP4-12C.

    Click here to watch

  4. Jeremy drives the Ferrari 599 GTO

    GTO. Three letters guaranteed to twitch the crotch of Ferrariistas - they’re the letters reserved for roadgoing racers. So what happens when Ferrari put them on a normal road car? Well, until the F12
    Berlinetta came along, they resulted in the fastest car Ferrari built…

    It’s 6.0-litre V12 makes 661 horsepower, the glass is thin, the bodywork is carbon, the floor is aluminium, there’s no carpets, there’s no radio and it’s got a computer system dedicated to nothing
    but making it fast. Which means it’ll do 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and 208mph top speed.

    But Jeremy’s still not sure it deserves the badge…

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  5. James drives the Ferrari 250 GTO California

    Captain Slow drives his childhood dream car on public roads - a £5.6m Ferrari 250 GTO. Which is, according to the great man: “A bit like being given an original Rembrandt and being told to take it down the pub on a Friday night.”

    May explain why he went and hid with it in Windsor Park…

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  6. The boys drive to Romania

    Richard chooses a Ferrari California for a blat across, around and underneath Romania. It turns out to be a rather wondrous choice of GT, even if the Bluetooth system does ring Vernon Kay a lot and for no obvious reason.

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