Flamethrower Scooter

It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad, we tell you. A public-spirited British entrepreneur who installed a perfectly safe 15-foot flame thrower on the back of his scooter has been arrested by the Health and Safety Nanny Brigade (© Daily Mail et al) over an alleged firearms offence.

Colin Furze, a plumber from Lincolnshire, fitted the flamethrower to his hog in order to deter pesky tailgaters. Last week, he revealed his invention to the press, but has since been arrested by Lincolnshire Police - who spotted Mr Furze riding his warmed-up scooter on public roads - on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm.

The offence carries a maximum jail sentence of five to seven years.

“Everybody wants a flame thrower on a motor bike,” said Mr Furze before his arrest. “I don’t need a flame thrower on the back of my bike, I’m not going to set fire to people’s car’s, it’s just something interesting to do.”

We must protest against this gross infringement of civil liberties. Watch the video below and it’s clear that the modified scooter is entirely safe and could in no way result in the accidental destruction of a small village. Next thing they’ll be saying we have to remove that sniper rifle from the bonnet of our Smart ForTwo…

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