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Ford news - Ford better, for worse - 2009

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After literally days of brainstorming, an American couple have come up with a new marital name after rubbishing their own, perfectly adequate surnames.
So say hello to the new Mr and Mrs Ford, or Chris Hodges and Jaime Case as they are more sensibly known.
And by a remarkable stroke of coincidence, the name was conceived after the pair spent a few weeks roadtripping around the States in a Ford Fusion loaned to them by, er, Ford.
But the car wasn’t their only inspiration. So let’s have a quick delve into their long list of spurious and comically brilliant excuses…
1. The word Ford means ‘to cross a river’, and crossing a river is a sign of strength.

2. President Gerald Ford was from Chris’ hometown.

3. The Ford Motor Company didn’t take any bailout money.

4. “Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with the idea that the common man should and would be able to afford his own car. The Ford Motor Company still works to achieve this goal today.” (Yes, that was a genuine reason and no one at Ford lent them a car so they’d say that. Except they did and that was a lie.)

5. Jaime’s father was once given a Mustang.

6. Jaime’s first truck was a Ford Ranger.

7. Jaime’s grandfather, Bud, loves driving around the entire USA in his Ford Ranger.

The list goes on. And it got us thinking - what car-based name would you choose?

Ren O’Clio? Sam Yong? Sue Zooki? Sid Troen? Kay Taram? Austin Healey?
Over to you…

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