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Check out these wild future-of-Formula 1 renders

Dutch designer envisions what Merc F1 cars could look like in many years’ time

Published: 17 Jun 2020

Remember Dutch designer Andries Van Overbeeke? Back in 2015 he penned a series of sketches that showed us what 2017’s Red Bull F1 car could have looked like.

Needless to say, his wide-bodied, fat-tyred vision was far more exciting than what we got in reality. 

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Now though, Van Overbeeke is back, and this time he’s taken on the challenge of redesigning the best F1 car on the grid – Lewis Hamilton’s no.44 Mercedes.

Just look at that. What a thing. The most obvious change is the use of a glass canopy over the cockpit rather than the current halo safety device, but there’s also big wheels, a sculpted rear wing and seriously swoopy lines.

What do we think, Internet? Reckon anything like this could make it to a race track near you in the future?

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