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Question: is F1 going to be any good this year?

F1's back. And we want your thoughts

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We’re mere hours away from the start of the first Formula One Grand Prix of 2017. Much is different this year. The cars are bigger and much, much faster (the FIA thinks maybe three seconds per lap), with more aggressive aero and fatter tyres. Bernie’s gone, and Ross Brawn is back as part of the sport’s new management structure. Mercedes has replaced reigning World Champion Nico Rosberg, who retired five days after last season’s final race, with Finn Valtteri Bottas. And in testing, cars other than the Mercedes have looked fairly fast. 

If we all cross our fingers, it just might be quite good. But we want to know what you think. Who’s going to be this year’s World Champion? Who’s going to win the Constructors’? Will Bottas give Hamilton something to think about? Is the racing going to be more exciting? Just how many times will the phrase ‘for sure’ be deployed?

Answers on a postcard, please. Or in the big commenty box below.

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