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Brabus is readying an 838bhp G-Wagen for Frankfurt

2.5-tonne ‘Widestar’ boasts mighty wheels and enough force to outrun a standard BMW M5

May we present, for your viewing pleasure, a tuned Mercedes G63 by Brabus. It will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show of 2015 in a flurry of big wheels and lots of horsepower.

No fewer than 838 horsepowers, to be precise. Brabus has bored out AMG’s old 5.5-litre V8 to 5.9 litres, and packed it with forged pistons, a balanced crank, new heads, a new intake, new turbos and new exhaust manifolds. There’s even gooold in the engine bay for heat reflection.

Along with 838bhp, the big G also boasts 1,069lb ft of torque, somehow harnessed by a seven-speed automatic gearbox, adaptive suspension and four-wheel-drive. 0-62mph takes four seconds flat – quicker than a standard BMW M5 – and it’ll run on to a top speed of 162mph, limited to protect the tyres. And, likely, any passing spacecrafts lest they be knocked out of orbit.

It’s also called ‘Widestar’ for a reason: the body is 12cm wider than the regular G63, courtesy of huge arches housing monster 23-inch wheels. There are spoilers and LED lights on the outside, and heated/ventilated sports seats and lots of leather and tech inside. All in, it weighs a hearty 2,550kg.

No word on price, but if the Brabus is a little too much power - or weight - for your tastes, the company is also offering a slightly punchier iteration of the C63 S. A tweak to the ECU liberates 591bhp – compared with 503bhp for the standard car – and 591lb ft of torque, too.

0-62mph in this car takes 3.8 seconds, while top speed sits at 186mph. There’s a new stainless steel exhaust with modes for not-scaring/scaring your neighbours, some aero additions, 20in wheels and some interior appointments.

Both cars will be displayed at Frankfurt. Which one takes your fancy?

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