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The new Hyundai i10 might be too exciting for grannies

The favoured car of 17- and 77-year olds gets a wild-looking reinvention

The Hyundai i10 is not a 2,000bhp electric supercar, nor is it a four-wheel-drive hot hatch with drift mode. So we’d understand if you wanted to immediately move to one of the internet’s trillion other pages.

But this is a car of importance in that boring old Real World. For the UK’s current population, at least, the i10 is many people’s first car. Or last car. Cheap to buy, painless to maintain and a doddle to drive, it’s the perfect car if you’re 17 or 77, even if it appears an undesirable option for anyone in between. At least until Hyundai starts answering our letters campaigning for an N division i10, anyway.

This new one might just flip that on its head, though. Previewed in sketch form, it’s more sculpted, bigger wheeled and wider mouthed than any i10 before it. And indeed most Hyundais.

“The all-new i10 has a young and dynamic design that stands out in the A-segment,” reads the bumf, sending potential shockwaves through Tuesday bingo club as the car potentially alienates perhaps its most receptive audience.

A feeling hammered home by talk of much connectivity, with wireless phone charging and any smartphone link-up you care to name. There’s also going to be a full suite of collision-avoiding, lane-keeping safety stuff. At least the 17-year olds are still being catered for, then…

More info and pics when it debuts at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

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