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  1. First, an
    apology. Despite our best, most determined and ambitious efforts, and our
    promises earlier in the week, we were unable to capture any imagery of lightly
    comedic European hairstyles at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. 

    But we did have a plan B: looking at exciting cars. And, as you’re no doubt
    aware by now, there were quite a few to choose from in what was one of the
    biggest and most important motor shows in years.

    showed us what an extremely hard and extremely red Gallardo looks like, while
    Jaguar showed Porsche the size of its supercharger with the simply gorgeous
    C-X16. It’s a big ‘un.

    So sit back,
    grab a caffeinated beverage and enjoy our team’s highlights of all the
    important stuff from the show.

  2. Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale

    And there you sat, gleefully chirruping your certainty that Lamborghini couldn’t possibly make the Gallardo any harder or any more red. Obviously, you are wrong, and Lamborghini is right. The Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale is lighter than a standard car and features a racing-spec carbon fibre rear wing capable of decapitating your gleeful chirrups of certainty.

    Oh, and Lambo also took the opportunity to tell us the track-only Sesto Elemento concept will see a limited production run.

    Frankfurt 2011: Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale

    News: Lamborghini to build Sesto Elemento

  3. Mercedes F125 concept

    Mercedes likes gullwing doors. It also likes sat nav systems operated using ‘intuitive hand gestures’ and big luxury for people fond of transporting themselves and their limbs: meet the F125 concept.

    It is a battery/hydrogen hybrid car, and you can read all about it below. There was also a police-liveried B-Class on Merc’s stand, which we thought rather fetching. Sure beats the boys’ attempts at Cop-mobiles…

    Frankfurt 2011: Mercedes F125 Concept

    Frankfurt 2011: Mercedes B-Class Police car

  4. Fisker Surf

    Henrik Fisker is on a crusade; a crusade to make hybrid cars a viable choice for the driver who hasn’t traded in his leather brogues for slip-ons made from penguin tears. The Surf is the second string to the company’s eco bow, following in the footsteps of the rather delectable Karma.

    It’s a five-door shooting brake with 400bhp and 981 torques and rear-wheel-drive and emits fewer CO2s than a Toyota Prius.

    Frankfurt 2011: Fisker Surf

    Top Gear meets the Fisker Karma

  5. Kia GT

    Our foremost purveyors of Reasonableness donned their shoutiest party outfits and cooked up a rear-wheel-drive, 390bhp four-door sports saloon concept.

    That’s right, a turbocharged, V6-engined Kia sports-saloon. You can bet many Gambon spin-offs that if this ever sees the light of a production line, it probably won’t be reasonably priced.

    Frankfurt 2011: Kia GT

  6. Land Rover Defender Concept

    Land Rover has said that a new Defender - an all-new Defender - will grace us in 2015, and to prove its intent, it showcased a concept at Frankfurt.

    That concept was roofless and bright yellow.

    The point of the concept was to prove that the next-gen Defender is ‘configurable’. For Paul Horrell’s full story on the new Landie, hit the link below.

    Frankfurt 2011: Land Rover Defender

  7. If the question you asked yourself this morning after waking was, “how orange can an Aston DBS get?” Frankfurt had the answer. That answer was “very”.

    Meet the DBS Carbon Edition, a trim-special featuring two new paint hues - this, and a more subtle grey - along with carbon fibre panelling and some coloured callipers. That’s it.

    Frankfurt 2011: Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition

  8. Submissive male Baboons often display their inferiority to superior Baboons by ‘presenting’ their behinds to them. Well,, prepare to show your rump to the new Lotus Exige S.

    It is much more powerful than it’s four-pot predecessor and features a new V6 engine from the Evora. Did we mention it’s much more powerful?

    Frankfurt 2011: Lotus Exige S and Evora GTE

  9. Jaguar C-X16

    You want this car. It is very pretty. It is very powerful and it will be, at the very least, moderately entertaining. It is the Jaguar C-X16, and it has come amongst us to take on the Porsche 911. Let battle commence.

    Frankfurt 2011: Jaguar C-X16

    Live from the show: Jaguar C-X16

  10. Audi A2

    It’s the Return Of The Audi A2. Yes, it might wear a concept badge at Frankfurt, but Audi tells us a lot of engineering nous has been thrown at this supermini. Principally because it’s going up against BMW’s forthcoming i3.

    Frankfurt 2011: Audi A2

  11. Volvo Concept You

    What happens when Volvo dreams up a new, full-size premium car with moderately derivate styling but overall appeal: this is the ‘You’. Not you, but a ‘You’.

    It’s underpinned by something very technical, which you can read all about below, abbreviated to SPA. If you can correctly guess what that stands for before clicking the link, you win absolutely nothing but a mildly appreciative head nod.

    Frankfurt 2011: Volvo Concept You

  12. Porsche 911

    Be honest, you always knew it’d look sort of the same, didn’t you? Regardless, it’ll also be pretty good to drive. This is the new Porsche 911, and it made its world debut at Frankfurt. Read Jason Barlow’s take on it below.

    Frankfurt 2011: Porsche 911

  13. Volkswagen Up

    Did you think the city car business was a game? VW doesn’t, and is actually quite serious about the new Up, which is why its put a serious amount of work into its new model. And it shows, because the Up is actually rather interesting indeed, as Ollie Marriage found out below.

    Top Gear drives the new Volkswagen Up

  14. This isn’t the new Capri, despite Internet rumblings telling you so. It is an early example of Ford’s new design language, taking over from ‘Kinetic’, as well as previewing some clever technology positing the car as your own personal assistant. We doubt the gullwing doors will make production, though.

    Frankfurt 2011: Ford Evos

  15. Ford Focus ST

    Ford tells us the new four-litre, 247bhp ST is cleaner and more efficient than its predecessor. What we are really interested in however, is how a four-pot will sound compared to the old model’s five-cylinder. Ford tells us they have tuned it mercilessly, comparing the old ST to Beethoven and the new one as Mozart…

    Frankfurt 2011: Ford Focus ST

  16. Seat IBL concept

    Does Europe really need another small four-door sports saloon? And with a Seat badge?

    Remains to be seen, but Seat tells us the IBL previews the design of the future production cars. Nice.

    Frankfurt 2011: Seat IBL

  17. Vauxhal RAKe concept

    We first brought you news of this when it didn’t have a name. It does now. It’s called the RAKe, and it’s an electric city car. And it also looks like its stepped out of Tron. This is Good. Also weighs less than Cheryl Cole.

    Frankfurt 2011: Vauxhall RAKe

  18. Citroen Tubik

    Citroen’s fun bus rolled into Frankfurt with PSA’s Hybrid4 system underneath and a mad, bad body on top. This is rude, and precisely what we expected from the Gallic purveyors of zest.

    Citroen told us it was a ground-up rethink of the MPV where “travel is more important than the destination”, and we will tell you it needs to be made.

    Frankfurt 2011: Citroen Tubik

  19. Alfa Romeo 4C

    There is
    nothing new about this Alfa Romeo 4C - its the same car that stole the
    show at Geneva earlier this year. Except this one has taken colour
    inspiration from a Terminator exo-skeleton. Still utterly, utterly
    bewitching. Now with added changey-metal-human-killing-intent.

    Frankfurt 2011: Alfa Romeo 4C

  20. Peugeot HX1

    This is Peugeot’s call-to-arms to the legions of family types yearning for an MPV that doesn’t scream “I Have Long Since Given Up On Finding Joy In Life”.

    It’s nearly as low, wide and long as a Lamborghini Aventador and features the coolest centre-row seating configuration we have seen for some time.

    Frankfurt 2011: Peugeot HX1

  21. Bentley Continental GTC

    More power, many more torques and aluminium bits set this Bentley GTC apart from the old one.

    It’ll cost £149,350 when it goes on sale, and, if the earlier model is anything to go by, will be rather tasty…

    Frankfurt 2011: Bentley Continental GTC

  22. Audi Urban concept

    This is built for ‘extended city tours’, fuelled by batteries and based on an LMP1-style cockpit with staggered 1+1 seating. Bonkers.

    Frankfurt 2011: Audi Urban Concept

  23. This is the new Honda Civic. And what you really want to know is whether there will be a high-revving, ballistic Type-R version. You can find out by clicking the link below.

    Frankfurt 2011: Honda Civic

  24. In our dream world, would we want Maserati’s next car to be this, the Kubang SUV? No. Do we blame them piling into a market which will hopefully guarantee them much cash to spend on much better cars? No.

  25. We’ve seen the Ferrari 458 Spider a few times in the run up to Frankfurt - notably in this video as Fernando Alonso nails it for all he’s worth to a shamelessly 1980s soundtrack.

    We still want one.

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