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It’s Aston Martin’s new, 1000bhp boat. Wait, what?

Mighty AM37 powerboat makes its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show

Aston Martin’s going through a pretty pivotal phase of its life. New boss, new relationship with Mercedes, new turbo engines, and above all, the new DB11. Oh, and the small matter of a new SUV that will be built in Wales.

In all of this, though, the British sports car maker has found time to dally with the world of marine transport. Meet the exceedingly opulent AM37, a wooden decked powerboat that’s likely designed to slot right into Monaco or Venice, but which will probably end up in Chelsea harbour.

Produced by Quintessence Yachts and the same craftsmen who worked on the One-77, Vulcan and DB11, it apparently challenges “the status quo of the nautical world”. It fuses maritime and automotive design elements, seemingly slotting a very car-like interior (right down to the steering wheel) into a very boat-like, um, boat.

It comes with some things you won’t find in Aston’s cars, mind, like a swimming platform and an electronic anchor system, which is deployed via the iPad-like control screen, and rear seating available for up to eight people. There’s air con, a fridge and coffee machine, all of which can be operated remotely as you make your way to the harbour.

An electrically powered ‘bimini’ cover keeps things nice and secure when you’re moored up, and failing that, there’s fingerprint recognition too. Underwater lights and a cocktail bar are genuinely among the options.

You want engines? Luckily, it has some of those too. You’ve a choice of propeller or jet thruster propulsion methods, and there are three powertrain options. The base AM37 comes with your choice of twin 370bhp diesel engines or twin 430bhp petrols, while the range-topping AM37 S is equipped with twin 520bhp petrol engines.

So 1,040bhp, or nearly as much as two V12 Vantages. Top speed? 52 knots, or just shy of 60mph. Plenty when you’re on water and you want to keep your fine seafood lunch in place.

While the AM37 very much exudes a modern-day Riva Aquarama vibe, you can customise to your heart’s content with the same ‘Q by Aston Martin’ bespoke tailoring of colours and materials. Your Aston boat could quickly make a One-77 look like an outrageous bargain.

Our only criticism? ‘AM37’ may refer to the boat’s 37-foot length, but it’s not hugely evocative. May we suggest Asty McAstonface?

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