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Is a self-driving Cadillac on the way?

Cadillac has announced that from the year 2017, it will begin offering ‘advanced driver assist technology’ on its cars. This, as we have warned you about before, will signal the beginning of the end of mankind. But more on that later.

It’s called ‘Super Cruise’, which is definitely not an extreme Friday night activity in some circles, but GM’s automated driving tech.

GM chief Mary Barra last week confirmed how Cadillac is building this technology “not for the sake of technology”, but because “it’s what customers around the world want.” The end game? To make driving safer.

So, in the same vein as Mercedes’ upcoming driverless tech and the new Volvo XC90 debuting ever-more advanced driver assistance, Cadillac will roll-out new systems such as ‘hands-off lane following’, braking and speed control in specific highway driving conditions.

As yet, GM has held off full-automation, as this technology still requires ‘an attentive driver’, but it’s one step closer to a driverless future. There’s more, too, in the same of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology to help prevent accidents.

The simple explanation is that these Cadillacs will ‘talk’ to each other, by sending and receiving ‘basic safety information’ including location, speed and direction of travel. It will then warn drivers, and is able to supplement active safety features.

“Advancing technology so that people can more safely live their lives is a responsibility we embrace,” Barra added.

Which is all fine and honourable, but beware, The Internet, of the self-driving car. We have warned you how this new-fangled technology will eventually render mankind but a footnote in the vast pages of our planet’s history.

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