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Should Porsche make this futuristic race transporter?

It may only exist in the world of pixels for now, but with enough pressure, Porsche could crack

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A few years ago, digital artist Alexander Imnadze piqued our interest when he put stylus to glass and digitally scribbled the Porsche 906/917 Concept. It was a futuristic racer that mashed the iconic Porsche 907 and 917 together in a time-travelling blender. Now he’s gone and given it a buddy: an entirely unofficial futuristic race transporter. 

You may remember that back in the day Porsche used to ship its legendary 917 to the track in Mercedes 0317 ‘Porsche-Gulf’ transporters. This is the modern take. One that looks fast enough to race itself. 

Porsche, obviously, doesn’t build lorries (though we really wish they would) so this is even more of a fiction. But we’re not going to let that rain on Alex’s parade, especially as it looks as good as it does. With a modern glass area and wraparound screen like Zippie from Rainbow’s mouth, an aero cabin and 918-esque full-width rear light bar above a huge diffuser and below a big spoiler, it’s the fastest truck we’ve ever seen. Plus, with twelve wheels, it should have plenty of traction.

Given the styling and aesthetic, just like Tesla’s semi, you could assume that it’d be powered by electricity. But remember, this just exists in Photoshop, so it could be powered by sequins and flatulence for all we know. 

But would you like to see it made real? With more and more manufacturers using the digital sphere as a design testbed, it’s not an impossibility.

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