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SOLO three-wheeler is built for your commute

Single-seat EV is up for pre-order. Worth your £12k?

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Businesspeople of the Internet: this is the SOLO, a three-wheel EV designed for commuting. Canadian outfit Electra Meccanica is behind the project. It says the design takes into account the fact that “80 per cent of people commute to and from work alone in their personal vehicle” – hence the SOLO’s lack of a second seat. Unless your passenger is small enough to fit in the 285-litre boot, you’ll be going, erm, solo. Even a Twizy has space for two…

It is quicker than a Twizy, though. Power comes from a 16.1kWh lithium-ion battery and an AC synchronous electric motor. A range of 100 miles is claimed, as is a charge-time of three hours from a 220-volt socket. 0-60mph takes “under eight seconds”, and the half-tonne SOLO goes on to 82mph. 

Electra Meccanica also claim it has a lower drag coefficient than a Corvette or Porsche 911, and that at 3.04m long, it’s over 30cm longer than a Smart ForTwo, but still shorter than a Fiat 500. 

It’s not the most offensive looking three-wheeler we’ve ever seen, although the interior does look a bit parts-bin, and rear three-quarter visibility can’t be especially good. Should drive well though, if Electra’s claims of a “fun to drive experience” are to be believed.

Electra is taking deposits for the $15,500 (about £12k) SOLO on its website. Any early adopters out there? 

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