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  1. A keenly priced Mini, Roller and Jag. In India. What could POSSIBLY go wrong

  2. Note the donkey. I SAID NOTE THE DONKEY

  3. Moments after Jeremy discovered you could use a Corby trouser press to cook naan bread. No, really

  4. James May and a Rolls Royce - an expensive, flatulent and less reliable alternative to the elephant

  5. Drum ‘n’ space, grace and pace


  7. Our British goods stall looks a bit… rubbish

  8. This is how James relaxes after filming

  9. The boys’ Justin Beiber covers went down superbly

  10. Background man flashes BLUE STEEL

  11. Power is nothing without EXHAUST PIPES

  12. Minis were born for rallying. Jag and Roller? Not so much…

  13. The mighty Allegro joins TG’s forfeit ranks

  14. Paddy Hopkirk did not endorse these accessories

  15. SPY SHOT - Jag’s new off-roader caught testing

  16. There is nothing unusual about this picture. At all

  17. Hey look! It’s the Lake Palace Hotel from Octopussy!

  18. “Swapsies?” asks James

  19. Mirror, signal, AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!

  20. Queuing - the finest British import… in the world

  21. Big fish, little fish, cardboard box

  22. Stowage space. The Mini has none

  23. Big cat, little gaps

  24. That’s not a double bass - it’s a violin

  25. Yes, man on the right - we can see you picking your nose

  26. India’s finest takes on Britain’s foulest

  27. “One looooove, for the city streets, one looooove, for the hip hop beats…”

  28. [Insert people carrier joke here]

  29. This is a man on an elephant

  30. “No Richard, I haven’t stolen your whitening kit”

  31. If you gotta go, you gotta go

  32. Rolls Royce gets in the spirit of ‘Movember’

  33. Bass - how high can you go?

  34. Rickshaw fun bus was a hit with the locals

  35. An amused Jeremy Clarkson, sometime earlier

  36. Biscuits and salad cream: the lunch of champions

  37. Water fight was a necessity

  38. They were all smiles at first…

  39. Jeremy’s post-song breakdance was strictly not for telly

  40. ‘Delhi belly’ attack couldn’t have come at a worse time

  41. Our illustrious convoy

  42. Some men with hats making Fire.

  43. Carries four in ‘comfort’

  44. Jag’s 4.0-litre straight-six tackles some Indian terrain

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