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  1. Porsche released this video about the 917 this week. Here’s a pic of one. Any excuse, frankly…

  2. Ford fans will be thrilled to learn that there’s an annual Simply Ford show at Beaulieu on Sunday May 5. You’ll be able to see Supervan 3, but we always preferred the first one… Built in 1971, it’s powered by a 5.0-litre GT40 V8. Good for 150mph, too…

  3. It’s been a record-breaking month for Kia sales in March - 12,608, to be precise. Helped in no small part by a certain c-e-apostrophe-d, we wager. Watch Tom and Cameron’s lap here…

  4. Chevy sent us an incredibly complicated press release about the LS7 V8 in the 2014 Camaro Z/28. Only James could understand it. The rest of us just looked at this picture and made brumming noises.

  5. LoveFab’s gone and built ANOTHER killer Pikes Peak NSX. Remind yourself of how stunning the old one was by staring at this picture, then go and have a lie down.

  6. Not sure if thumbs up or thumbs down… Thanks to Marco for the submission. 

  7. BMW’s just released an X4 concept. Let’s remind you of a time when the German automaker’s concept dept had slightly more… creative freedom.

  8. We’ve just been sent this super-retro car-based video for Mike Luck’s latest electro single, Cityscape. Our reasons for inclusion are threefold:

    - It’s profoundly, wonderfully eighties.
    - The car looks a lot like Jeremy’s old SS (badged…) Maserati Merak. And every other Maserati and Lamborghini built in the late seventies).
    - The video’s been shot on Rainbow Road

  9. Petter Solberg’s rallycross Citroen looks wonderfully used after his test days in France last week.

  10. We’re reliably informed that the original Gone in 60 Seconds is now available to buy on Blu-Ray. The distributors sent us this pic. We like it.

  11. These are two of Extreme Tuners’ 12000rpm Stage 3 Mitsubishi Evo heads with titanium and beryllium valves. The head on the left has no water channels for extra strength - the sort of thing that’s used in dragsters - and the head on the right? That’s just wonderful. If James May made paperweights…

  12. Mercedes sporadically informs us of its cars’ anniversaries - this time, it’s the Pagoda. Happy 50th, old girl.

  13. New Zealand-based Pulse Performance has just built a six-rotor Mazda engine. It’s the world’s first, and it makes 813bhp @ 9000rpm. They tell us it’s got a lot power more to come…

  14. Nine-time World Rally Championship winner, Sébastien Loeb, wins on his FIA GT Series debut in a 12C GT3. Well played, sir.

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