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  1. This man is called Keith Urban. He’s married to Nicole Kidman, sings country music and presents American Idol (in America). He’s not The Stig.

  2. One of these just sold for $1,155,000 - nearly double its estimate - at RM’s Don Davis Collection sale on 27 April. That’s £742,600 in real money.

  3. Bentley’s partnered up with fancypants hairdresser, Pankhurst. All this luxo lifestyle nonsense tends to pass us by, but BENTLEY BARBER SEATS!

  4. Camshaft wavers and compression ratio botherers are invited to the Castle Combe circuit for its annual Classic & Retro Action Day on Saturday 29th June. Yes, most old cars are a bit rubbish, but good lord they’re pretty.

  5. Classic Motor Cars of Bridgenorth has found the sixtieth ever E-Type. It’s a bit rough, but the company reckons it has the technology…

  6. Nissan is bringing back the Datsun nameplate. Rumour has it, prices will start from as little as £3500. Which presumably means they’ll look just like this.

  7. You bought a G Wagen with four wheels? That’s cute… Read our drive of the big ‘un here.

  8. Merc’s bringing us a new E-class coupe and cabrio soon. It’ll almost definitely look like this*.

    *won’t look like this.

  9. Volkswagen launched a new Golf GTI this week. Veyron-powered concept version frustratingly absent.

  10. Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar, talks to us exclusively about the cars that led to the F-Type. Read the story. There’s one of these in it.

  11. Here’s the Renault 5 Turbo 2 we told you about it last week. You went bananas for it, so here’s another chance to read the story…

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