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Adrian Newey to design an Infiniti supercar?

Remember the Red Bull X1? The X2014? Course you do (they’re pictured above to jog your memory). They were a pair of outlandish virtual racers, dreamt up by Adrian Newey and beamed direct from his pulsating cerebrum into the middle of Gran Turismo 6. Could he be gearing up for the real thing?

Newey, Formula One’s most successful boffin, has just turned down a rumoured £20m offer to help steer Ferrari out of its current malaise, and is now happily encased in Red Bull golden handcuffs. So what next? A sub-orbital spacecraft? That long-mooted America’s Cup racing yacht? Well, how about an Infiniti supercar?

Andy Palmer, Nissan’s British executive vice president, was one of the architects of the Infiniti-Red Bull F1 deal, and he’s clearly up for a deepening of the relationship between the two firms.

“Adrian is itching to do something new,” he tells, “and we are actively exploring the technology cross-over with Red Bull, although these things can take a long time in the incubator.’

So, asks TG, is a Newey-designed Infiniti supercar a genuine possibility? Palmer smiles.

“Watch this space.”

It’s certainly not as outlandish as it sounds. With Red Bull currently at odds with Renault over this year’s disappointing F1 hybrid powertrain, it might turn to the other part of the Nissan-Renault axis to develop an all-new unit. Nissan is currently developing its 2015 LMP1 Le Mans racer, which is due to make its debut testing in Phoenix in October. DeltaWing designer Ben Bowlby is overseeing the new car.

“It has a very different aero package,” Palmer says. “It’s really pushing the boundaries, and not just in the engineering sense. We’re working on ideas around how we can activate stuff with the crowd around the car, too.”

So, a Newey Infiniti supercar, then. How on earth would such a monster look? And what on earth would power it? Some deranged variant on the GT-R’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6? Or something else entirely? Suggestions below please…

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